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ONSITE-DSC-12   12 Panel Drug Test Cup
58418   8000 EZ Adjust Bed Rail
AL500   AL 500 Scooter and Wheelchair Outside lift
AL003   AL003 Scooter and Wheelchair Outside Lift
AL010   AL010 Scooter and Wheelchair Outside Lift
AL015   AL015 Scooter and Wheel chair Outside Lift
AL030   AL030 Scooter and Wheelchair Outside Lift
AL055   AL055 Scooter and Power Wheelchair Inside Lift
AL065   AL065 Scooter and Power Wheelchair Inside Lift
AL100   AL100 Outside Scooter Lift
AL160   AL160 Outside Scooter Lift
AL215   AL215 Scooter & Wheelchair Inside Lift
AL225   AL225 Scooter and Power Wheelchair Inside Lifts
AL300   AL300 Fusion Outside Scooter Lift
AL301   AL301XL Fusion Scooter and Wheelchair Outside lift
AL425   AL425 Scooter and Power Wheelchair Inside Lifts
AL435   AL435 Scooter and Power Wheelchair Inside Lifts
AL435T   AL435T Scooter and Power Wheelchair Truck Lift
AL560   AL560 Scooter and Wheelchair Outside Lift
AL570   AL570 Scooter and Wheelchair Outside Lift
AL580   AL580 Scooter and Wheelchair Outside Lift
AL600   AL600 Scooter and Power Wheelchair Hybrid Lift
AL625   AL625 Scooter and Power Wheelchair Hybrid Lift
AL690   AL690 Scooter and Power Wheelchair Hybrid Lift
AL815CC   AL815CC Scooter and Power Wheelchair Truck Lift
AL825   AL825 Scooter and Power Wheelchair Truck Lift
11245   ArgiMent Cherry
61222   ArgiMent Orange
GA-541D   Avenger 4 Wheel
18470   Banatrol Plus
18740   Banatrol Plus
18475   Banatrol Plus Pineapple Banana
02087   Band-Aid Comfort-Flex Sheer Adhesive Bandages 3/4 X 3In
57612   Bariatric Commode PMI 411
57787   Bath Bench with Arms PMI 302
60520   Bath Bench With Back 400lb Carex
02287   Bath Bench with back PMI 102
55308   Bath Bench without back PMI 202TF
60413   Bed Support Rail Carex
58958   Berk Cut N Dry Roll Towel Dispenser
BATRE   Broda Centric Tilt Semi Recliner
BAELR   Broda Elite Tilt Recliner
BAMTR   Broda Midline Tilt Recliner
BSTR   Broda Synthesis Tilt Recliner
37645   Bugs Bunny & Daffy Duck Adhesive Bandages
37644   Bugs Bunny & Tasmanian Devil Adhesive Bandage, ¾" x 3"
GB-118D   Buzz Extreme 3 Wheel
GB-148D   Buzz Extreme 4 Wheel
GB-119A   Buzz Extreme LX 3 Wheel
GB-149A   Buzz Extreme LX 4 Wheel
GB117D   Buzz XL 3 Wheel
GB-147D   Buzz XL 4 Wheel
GB117H   Buzz XL HD 3 Wheel
GB-147H   Buzz XL HD 4 Wheel
GB-147Z   Buzz XL HD 4 Wheel
GB-117Z   Buzz XLS HD 3 Wheel
GB-120A   Buzzaround CarryOn
PR-401ML   Cambridge Medium Large
PR-401SM   Cambridge Small Medium
WCCTSR   Centric Tilt Semi-Recliner
WCCTSRMWP   Centric Tilt Semi-Recliner APP Padding
WCCTSRPP   Centric Tilt Semi-Recliner Padding Package
39538   Cold Pack, Instant, Non-Insulated, 5" x 5 ½", First Aid Kit Size, Disposable, 80/cs
11150   Cold Pack, Instant, Non-Insulated, 6" x 9", Disposable, 24/cs
39537   Cold Pack, Instant, Non-Insulated, 6" x 9", Disposable, 24/cs
11149   Cold Pack, Single Use, Disposable, 5" x 7", Junior Size, 16/cs
PR531-PSA   Comforter Petite
GC-240C   Companion 3-Wheel
GC-340C   Companion 3-Wheel
GC-440C   Companion 4 Wheel
GC240D   Companion GC240 Full Size Three Wheel Scooter
58582   Companion GC340 Full Size Three Wheel Scooter
GC440D   Companion GC440 Full Size Four Wheel Scooter
GP620   Compass HD Power Wheelchair - GP620
GP605   Compass Sport Power Chair by Golden Technologies
60353   Complete Bed Monitoring System
60352   Complete Chair Monitoring system / P-800700
28471   Covidien 8889207026 Specimen Cup - Case of 100
45275   Curity Knuckle Flex Fabric (30/Box 40 Boxes/Case)
41570   Dart Styrofoam Cup 16 oz 16J16 1000/cs
03451   Dart Styrofoam Cup 8oz 8J8 1,000/cs
41571   Dart Translucent Straw-Slotted Lid, 16oz 16SL 1,000/cs
51762   Dart Translucent Straw-Slotted Lid, 8 oz 8SL 1,000/cs
57008   Deluxe Aluminum Rollator
48889   Deluxe Commode ADJ PMI 412GPC
58959   Dual 9" Toilet Paper Dispenser Jumbo
01265   Dukal Alcohol Prep Pads, Sterile 200 count
58712   Duracell PC1300 12-Pack Procell D 1.5 Volt Alkaline Batteries
58713   Duracell PC1400 12-Pack Procell C 1.5 Volt Alkaline Batteries
58715   Duracell PC1500BKD Procell AA 1.5V Alkaline Batteries; 24-Pack
58717   Duracell PC1604BKD Procell 9 Volt Alkaline Batteries; 12-Pack
58716   Duracell PC2400BKD 24-Pack Procell AAA 1.5 Volt Alkaline Batteries
56046   Dynarex 3611 Adhesive Bandage Fabric 3/4" x 3" St Box 100
WCETC   Elite Tilt Chair
WCETCAPPPP   Elite Tilt Chair Mag Wheel Package
WCETCAPPP   Elite Tilt Chair Padding
60069   Fast Acting Poison Ivy Wash (Select Brand)
06031   First Aid Kit 140 Pieces, All Purpose J&J
12345   Flatmat Bedside Fall Mats 24" x 70" x 0.7"
55138   Foam Bed Wedge with Pocket 24in x 24in x 10in, Blue
23067   Foam Bed Wedge with Pocket 24in x 24in x 12in, Blue
58895   Focus Portable Oxygen Concentrator by Airsep
51260   Freedom Grip Bed Rail
11691   GelaTein 20
14230   Glutament
PR-514   Golden Tech Twilight Seat-Lift
AR102   Harmar AR102 2' Single-Fold Ramp
AR103   Harmar AR103 3' Single-Fold Ramp
AR104   Harmar AR104 4' Single-Fold Ramp
AR105   Harmar AR105 5' Single-Fold Ramp
AR106   Harmar AR106 6' Single-Fold Ramp
AR-AP-P-HD   HealthCraft Advantage Pole Bariatric Portable
AR-PT   HealthCraft Advantage Portable
AR-T   HealthCraft Advantage Rail
AR-T-HD   HealthCraft Advantage Rail Bariatric
HCP-B-5   HealthCraft Bath Board 1-Pack
DB-18-SK   HealthCraft Dependa-Bar 18" Knurled
DB-18-PCW   HealthCraft Dependa-Bar 18" White
PT-WRM-SS   HealthCraft P.T Rail Floor Brushed Stainless
PT-WRM-PCW   HealthCraft P.T Rail Floor Mast White
PT-WR28-SS   HealthCraft PT Rail Hinged 28" SS
PT-WR28-PCW   HealthCraft PT Rail Hinged 28" White
PT-WR32-SS   HealthCraft PT Rail Hinged 32" SS
PT-WR32-PCW   HealthCraft PT Rail Hinged 32" White
SR-S   HealthCraft SmartRail
SR-LE   HealthCraft SmartRail Leg Extenders
STP-CM-24   HealthCraft SmartRail Leg Extenders
STP-CM-32   HealthCraft SmartRail Leg Extenders
SP-HD   HealthCraft SuperPole
SP-S   HealthCraft SuperPole
SPB-HD   HealthCraft SuperPole Bariatric with SuperBar
SP-ULTRA   HealthCraft SuperPole Ultra
SP-UF   HealthCraft Superpole Uni-Fit Extender
SPB-S   HealthCraft SuperPole with SuperBar
PT-TRH   HealthCraft Toilet Roll
PT-WP-WD   HealthCraft Wood Wall Plate for PT Rail
12334   HepaMent
58075   Hip/Knee Recovery Pak M1107-8
60043   Hospital Contoured Fitted Sheet-CS3680
55173   Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes
18485   HyFiber with FOS
18490   HyFiber with FOS liquid packets
B310HF3Q   Kalmia Perfect-Height Adjustable Base FullXL
B310HT3F   Kalmia Perfect-Height Adjustable Base TwinXL
KTMTXL   Kalmia Therapeutic Mattress
KTMTFXL   Kalmia Therapeutic Mattress Full XL
KTMTFK   Kalmia Therapeutic Mattress King
KTMTFQ   Kalmia Therapeutic Mattress Queen
11147   Kwik Heat #211 Regular Size DisposableI Instant Hot Packs 12/case
WCLPR   Latitude Pedal Rocker
WCLPRP   Latitude Pedal Rocker Padding
WCLPRSAF   Latitude Pedal Rocker Swing Away Footrests
GL-111D   Lite Rider 3 Wheel
GL-141D   Lite Rider 4 Wheel
59443   LiteRider 3 Wheel Scooter GL110 by Golden Technologies
GP162B   LiteRider Envy
59332   LiteRider PTC Power Wheelchair GP-162
03349   Lumex 3 in 1 Commode
47622   Mabis 4" Seat Toilet Cushion Vinyl
PR-515   MaxiComfort Series
PR-632   MaxiComfort Series
PR-761   MaxiComfort Series
PR-766   MaxiComfort Series
PR510   MaxiComfort Series
PR535   MaxiComforter Seat Lift Chair
59437   Mercer Deluxe Preformed Leg Lifter with Foot Insert
WCEMTR   Midline Tilt Recliner
WCEMTRPP   Midline Tilt Recliner HSP Padding Package
WCEMTRMWP   Midline Tilt Recliner Mag Wheel Package
13099   Most Heat Thermophore Standard 14X14
13094   Most Heat Thermophore Standard 14X27
NRFTOS   New Rapid Fentanyl Test
56828   OmniTrust™ - Latex Medical Gloves
56119   OmniTrust™ - Vinyl Medical Gloves
OFDS   Oral Fluid Drug Screen
OFDSA   Oral Fluid Drug Screen with Alcohol
57608   Overbed Table Tilt 15 x 30
GR-575G   Patriot 4 Wheel
GR575   Patriot Full Size Scooter
3693   Percussion Hammer Taylor Type
SL300   Pinnacle SL300 Stair Lift by Harmar
57055   Pinnacle SL600 Premium Stair Lift by Harmar
45241   PMI Overbed Table Non-Tilt
41379   Pocket Eye Chart
47383   Poise Pads Maximum Absorbency long Lenght 39 Count
51961   Poise Pads Maximum Absorbency Regular Lenght 48 Count
47628   Poise Pads Moderate Absorbency Long Lenght 54 Count
54937   Poise Pads Moderate Absorbency Regular Lenght 20 Count
56438   Poise Pads Moderate Absorbency Regular Length 66 Count
11320   Pre B2
58957   Premium Paper Towel 10 x 550 FT 1.8 in Core 6 Rolls Case
60513   Premium Plastic, Raised, Elongated Toilet Seat with Lock
P902   PrimeCare Bed Model #P902
P1752   PrimePlus Model #P1752
P2002   PrimePlus Model #P2002
P548380   Pro Advantage ​Premium Aneroid SPHYGMOMANOMETER
P548330   Pro Advantage ​Premium Aneroid Sphygmomanometer Small Adult

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